Radical Hi-Fi

Coming from different musical backgrounds, Radical HI-FI Sound System is a 2 man strong reggae lovers collective from Amsterdam founded in 2003 consisting of General Kraze and Ketama Man. Both members play a professional role as active members of Amsterdam’s rising dance music scene.

Founding member General Kraze is station manager at Red Light Radio with a long experience in creating and promoting club nights in venues such as Mazzo, Paradiso and Melkweg. The man behind Radical HI-FI's “Version Galore” radio show, inviting and selecting alongside international selectors like DJ Tommy (J), Herra Hercules (SF), Lampa Dread (I), Selector B Steady (US), Uncle Fee (UK), Tapes (UK), to name a few…

Ketama Man is a man with many aliases, Mc Lyrical Tie, Mo-Chi-Min, Mo Manager to name a few… As an MC, selector, manager and booker we can say he's one of the most connected and versatile man in the Amsterdam music scene. As an MC he has performed at just about all the big festivals and venues in Holland and his international repertoire is also quite impressive.

"We want to lift the stigmas that have wrongfully grown to be associated with reggae and show its influence on the worldwide music scene, as reggae is often not noticed or ignored. Punk, Hip-Hop, Techno and House have all had a more or less direct musical influence, not to mention the musical genres that more obviously still bare a Reggae rhythm structure like Jungle, D&B, UK Garage, Dubstep and UK Funky"

"Our mission since day one is to select and bring Reggae, Dub and Dancehall to the quality music loving public without discrimination. Playing parties and festivals around the country and broadcasting the “Version Galore” monthly radio show on Amsterdam’s very own Red Light Radio.
Reggae is essentially rhythm driven dance music and that is where the Radical HI-FI wishes to place its focus on, we aim to “cork di dance”, to fill the dance floor, no more no less, just like all dance music from Funk to Disco to House to Techno.