Great things take time, but its here and its good. Higher by Gayna Rose Madder is now available on vinyl.
    We know how hard you worked for it so that why its only fair to say we are proud of you Iggy ;-)
    Get your copy here

  • Crack Mix: Ece Özel

    “I wanted recreate a moment of an intense club night as a tribute to my first gigs in Moscow Mutabor and St Petersburg Yzeech after 8 months of not playing.”


    It’s time!
    I’ve been working on a very personal project for almost three years, and today I am finally sharing this with you. I am starting my own record label: Betonska.
    As some of you may have figured, I mostly (but obviously not merely) love, collect, and play music from the 80s and 90s. Hence, the label will be focusing on previously unreleased and tough-to-find material from the 80s and 90s – all re-mastered, officially licensed and in collaboration with the original artist. In addition to the original material an occasional modern twist will be given by contemporary artists who cherish that signature sound. I am kicking off with a release in which I wanted to include and elaborate the many styles that I like, and to make it an interesting and diverse release for the selector, collector, radio host and club DJ.

    For the first release I was lucky enough to collaborate with the super sweet, humble, helpful, and overall wonderful woman and musician named Gayna Rose Madder. Gayna has made quite some amazing music back in the 80s, mostly either as “Flo Sullivan” or “Shiny Two Shiny”. A couple of years back, I got blown away by her monstrous synth-pop/new wave/boogie 12” called “Higher”. After hearing this and searching for more music of hers I somehow came in touch with her, and found out that she has quite some unreleased wonderful music too. One thing led to another, and eventually my dream of having a record label and Gayna still being keen to release her music brought everything together.
    On the A-side both the 12” version and the 7” version of “Higher” will be pressed on a loud 45rpm vinyl. “Higher” was originally recorded in 1984 in the world famous Amazon Studios, Liverpool UK, and released in 1985 under her “Flo Sullivan” alias. The 12” version is the (bass-)heavier one, while the 7” version sounds more “organic” with an extended intro and an added horns part. These tracks have been pressed and released before and are made available now again for the wider audience, giving those tracks the recognition and attention they deserve.
    The B-side focuses on previously unreleased and original downtempo material by the same artist now being released under her real name. Neither of the two original tracks “Over” and “Element” have ever been released on vinyl before, up until now. “Over” was meant to be released, but unfortunately has never seen the light of day. It was written and recorded in 1983 in Splash Sound Studios in Liverpool, one year before “Higher” was written. “Element” was written for a musical play and recorded in Sparks Studio Liverpool in 2004 and has never officially been released before too.
    And last but not least, the icing on the cake is a remix by Vienna’s top-notch selector, producer and Neubau label owner: Heap. He translated the spoken word poem “Element” into a refreshing club-hitter to complete the release.
    I am at a loss for words to describe how happy I am to finally share this release with you all. I am also very grateful for all the amazing, inspiring and helpful people and artists I am surrounded by. Thousands of thanks to @carsten for the amazing restoration and (re)mastering of the audio, to Susanne Janssen for the fantastic artwork, to Mohamed Ghabri for his infinite support, to Antal and Rush Hour for helping out with distribution, to Florian Stoffelbauer for his mind-blowing remix, and obviously to Gayna Rose Madder for her trust, helpfulness, and music.
    Sending love, peace and harmony to everyone. Hope you will enjoy this project as much as I do. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions, and stay tuned (on my social media pages) for updates, Iggy P.