Vic Crezée

Having been around as long as he has, it's difficult to find peers with a similar track record that have stayed as relevant. Constantly evolving and broadening his spectrum ever since his early teens, Vic Crezée has steadily built a name for himself over the past sixteen years as one of the most multi-faceted DJ's around. In Amsterdam as well as internationally he's known for his vast knowledge and enticing taste in all sorts of genres, enabling him to weave them seamlessly reaching altogether new heights.

Now that his love for electronic sounds has deepened he has become a regular at clubs Claire & Garage Noord and has played numerous gigs abroad such as African Acid Is The Future, Deviation & 13 Weeks Oneman. His monthly shows on NTS, Red Light Radio and his own club night Whatever Forever at Garage Noord, will keep you filled in on what’s going through his mind.