Growing up in a music rich environment, SIROJ's young ears were inundated from an early age with sounds and melodies of the 70s and 80s. This established a musical foundation and a love for the art of composing. He started working rigorously on his beat-making & DJ skills at an early age. His DJ career quickly took of and after years of practice and hard work, he soon started producing beats for many of the Dutch Hip-Hop heavyweights. But to OJ, the Netherlands just wasn't big enough, as he started exploring projects overseas. He co-produced tracks for American artists like DJ Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga. He also co-produced Yellow Claw's "Blood For Mercy" album, as well as the first single of their sophomore album. Furthermore, he also made official remixes for Hoodboi and Lido's "Palmreader" and for Yellow Claw's massive hit "Till It Hurts".

Music has completely sequestered OJ's life, as he continues to redefine himself at every corner. Not only as a musician, producer and sound composer, but also as a versatile DJ. Over the years, he has found the perfect balance between his DJ and Producing. As a result, he managed to create his own sound that he likes to call SLOP. A sound that finds the perfect balance between House and Hip-Hop, deftly moving between the two genres. This SLOP sound is heavily featured on his EP's "GLOW" (2015), "When The Going Gets Tough" (2016) and "MARBLE" (2017). As musically diverse that OJ is, he never feels the need to sit still as continues to work on new music. 2018 started of nicely for SIROJ as he released his new track ‘Traction’ ft. Nelson Clark and ended with another release called ‘For The Night’. Stay on the lookout for new projects as 2019 will be the year that he will releasehis new album!