Iggy P

In a world where finding new music is just a click or two away, digging through actual crates is becoming a rare commodity amongst the youth. However, Iggy P has never been one to follow the easiest road like everyone else. He has been collecting records for a couple of years now and it would bring nothing but joy and happiness to him when he would play them for his friends. Naturally, a DJ career only made the most sense to him.

His record collection greatly consists of diverse and danceable sounds of the 80s and 90s. Think of breaks, progressive house, new wave and boogie. High energy burners and downtempo groovers. Whichever way he chooses to go, you’ll hear a great variety of danceable rhythms of which he thinks suit the dance floor the best at that time.

As he continues to expand his record collection, it is his mission to unearth obscure or unknown music from all over the world and bring them to his audience. Something he lavishes doing via his own YouTube channel Up Down, shows on Red Light Radio and various podcasts. He continues this trajectory through his exciting live performances, where his main goal is to rock the crowd with his favourite music, whether it's familiar to them or not.