Chaiba test

Under his pseudonym Chaiba, Sebastian Looijenga has been vigorously working on a foundation, laying a groundwork for what can only be a very promising and flourishing career in music. Looijenga is an integral player in a new generation of House music DJ’s who play house in the most extensive form of the word. However, with his keen eye for detail, very outspoken opinion regarding music and a combination of technical abilities and heaps of talent, it is not a surprise that Chaiba is the pick of the litter. Not alarmed at making an occasional venture into the world of Vogue or 80's, this young master operates throughout the thrilling nightlife of the Rotterdam streets, but can also be found showcasing his talents across the country.
He hosts a monthly show at Operator Radio and has his own club night at Mono, both under the name Dance Therapy. Never one to be easily satisfied, Chaiba continues to meticulously look for new ways to improve and excel his already magnificent performances as a dj and producer.